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Plastics in our World is a guided exploration of the global problem of plastic pollution and its impact on people from all corners of the globe.


With an ever-increasing worldwide population along with the ubiquity of plastics in our society, researchers and scientists are beginning to share their findings on how plastics are making their way into our marine and terrestrial environments. As plastics break down, irreversible consequences are affecting our food sources and the world we live in. Many of these issues disproportionately impact populations which do not have the resources to control the problem on their own. Although we may be tempted to view this as an “us” vs “them” situation, this truly is a global problem which impacts all of us.


In this project, we search for insights that help us better understand our use of plastic, single-use plastics, and how we are affecting the world in which we live.

My Role

Data Analysis


Visual Design


Shoutouts to my awesome team! Do check out their work if you're looking for someone with a background in

Jacob Beel: NLP and Security

Russell Strauss:  Creative coding, Frontend magic

Hyun Tae Park: UI/UX Design


September 2019 - Dec 2019 

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