Hardware Prototyping for Connected - Car concept

Designing interactions for an embedded GUI for a connected car touchscreen powered by a Raspberry Pi


A working prototype of an in-car touchscreen interface using a 7 inch screen powered by a Raspberry Pi. This project explores the connected car features of an IOT home automation concept

My Role

UI/UX Designer 

Hardware Prototyper

Tools Used

Crank Prototyping Software

Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop



Manasee Narvilkar

Gaurav Tamhan

Suyash Thakare

Design Considerations

The unique challenge presented by this project was the opportunity to design an interface that is targeted to a embedded hardware and touch screen. The focus for the interface prototype is on the “personal” hub device.  This is a dedicated device that is used by one or two members of the household.  It will be located away from the central hub and have a subset of the functionality of it. The flowchart below illustrates the home automation features while driving and on arrival. 

Learning outcomes

  • Understood how to leverage existing content to a new device

  • How to adapt interfaces to a different device and user

  • How to create an interface prototype for embedded hardware

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