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Hardware Prototyping for Connected - Car concept

Designing interactions for an embedded GUI for a connected car touchscreen powered by a Raspberry Pi


A working prototype of an in-car touchscreen interface using a 7 inch screen powered by a Raspberry Pi. This project explores the connected car features of an IOT home automation concept

My Role

UI/UX Designer 
Hardware Prototyper/UX Designer 

Tools Used

Crank Prototyping Software
Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop


Manasee Narvilkar
Gaurav Tamhan
Suyash Thakare

Jumper Cables

Power Supply

800 x 480 pixels

Screen Resolution

7 inch 


Raspberry Pi

Operating System

Design Considerations

The unique challenge presented by this project was the opportunity to design an interface that is targeted to a embedded hardware and touch screen. The focus for the interface prototype is on the “personal” hub device.  This is a dedicated device that is used by one or two members of the household.  It will be located away from the central hub and have a subset of the functionality of it. The flowchart below illustrates the home automation features while driving and on arrival. 


Learning outcomes

  • Understood how to leverage existing content to a new device

  • How to adapt interfaces to a different device and user

  • How to create an interface prototype for embedded hardware

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