A lifestyle mobile application with a unique all-in-one experience that curates and showcases entertainment, life services, and expert device care offerings. 



An exclusive Samsung offering to create value for the Indian smart phone user

Overview /

My Galaxy is a lifestyle mobile application launched by Samsung to give its users a unique all-in-one experience that aggregates services like entertainment with exclusive and curated content, unparalleled services along with expert Samsung Care.


Additionally, it provides personalized coupons and offers on leading brands for the most commonly used categories and services like cabs, movies, travel, recharge & bill payments.

It can replace multiple apps for above mentioned services and save device memory, which is crucial for a value-conscious consumer base. This application has more than 3 million downloads on the app store.

Key Contributions /

My role was UX Design, Interaction Design and Copywriting, in collaboration with various stakeholders in the fields of marketing, development, QA within Samsung, as well as 3rd party service partners.

Company /

Samsung R&D, India

Role / 

Interaction Designer

Team /

Make For India Task Force

Mentors / 

Samrat Nawle

Abhishek Srivastava


I can't tell you a whole lot, since the Users, Process, Wireframes and Design iterations protected by NDA. Here's what I can talk about: Information, images, screenshots already in the public domain. But as they say in design,


Show, don't tell.

See it in action //

UX Challenges for entry-level devices //

  1. Internet access isn’t guaranteed

  2. Simpler and inexpensive devices are the norm

  3. Data frugality

  4. Forget about digital currency

  5. Bridge the cultural divide

 UX Considerations 


Design of My Galaxy

Learnings and reflections //

My Galaxy was a high-stakes, high-visibility project, where every little detail had to be taken care of, from the copy of the error messages to empty states in a tight time frame. I gained an understanding of overall project planning and implementing the design process in an agile environment. 

One important takeaway for me was the commercialization aspect of the project - an understanding of the business impact and value that various partnerships with service providers added for the Samsung consumers.

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