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 Transition design 

 for Auto-UX 

 Design Philosophy 

Designing for Auto-UX is a passion project of mine, and I'm currently working on it under the aegis of Dr. Wei Wang, faculty of Industrial Design at Georgia Tech.

I was inspired to look at how different products age based on this quote by Bill Moggridge. The rate of evolution of technology far outpaces advances in other industries.


We are no longer in the era of knobs and dials. We are in the era of screens. This made me wonder about the expectations we have from the cars we buy and use.


  1. What experiences are at the core of people's life that they want translated into mobility?

  2. How do cars age? At what rate do different parts of the a car age?

  3. What happens to your car ten years from now?

I discussed these probes with a few subject matter experts. 

In the age of experience, how do we ensure that our vehicles stay as current and relevant as we want? How might we ensure that the direct manipulation interfaces in the cabin deliver an experience that stays true to the expectations of users?

 Design Brief 

I narrowed down the brief based on my initial findings



Enjoy tuning and tinkering with the car

Enjoy DIYs, adjusting parameters

Are open to building/purchasing custom-made accessories to personalize their experience


Early adopters and promoters of new and interesting features

Mindful of the latest technological advances

Enjoy crafting a socially and environmentally conscious image of themselves

How can their Car's User experience reflect their philosophy?

Can we do the same with UX?

 Designing for Delight 

Birthday celebration

Pet Mode

Dancing Cars

Christmas mode

A premium service or an opt-in service offered by OEMs

Easter eggs for customers to discover throughout the lifetime of the car

Over-the-air software updates

Disaster management / battery pack management

 Designing for modularity 

More coming soon; watch this space for more. :)