Role / 

Interaction Designer, Exhibit Designer

Solo project

Audience /


Museum-goers in Bangalore, interested in knowing

its history and culture

Industry /



Affiliations /

National Institute of Design

Kempegowda Museum

Mentor /


Tanishka Kachru

What /


NanoFictionary is an interactive exhibit designed for the Kempegowda Museum, Bangalore. It is an experiment to combine the narrative and participatory approaches to exhibit design. It features four major story arcs distributed across a series of cards. The Prototype presented here is to test civic participation in authoring a narrative.

How /

The approach is to distribute narrative “lexia” – modular fragments of a larger story or stories – across a series of cards, that can be interacted with in the order fixed by the narrative structure. It allows the user to build their own historical fiction in a setting located in the temporal past. In an attempt to combine History, Geography, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Language Arts (writing) & participant's imagination to investigate the moral messages presented in stories, with some sub plots with speculative or ahistorical elements. The narrative structure is fixed, and the interaction is kept simple in terms of selection so as to keep the focus on the story being generated.